Who We are and What We Do


About Us

The Angel Heart Foundation, Inc.


The mission of the Angel Heart Foundation is to be involved in activities that create a more kind, compassionate and peaceful world through Conscious Parenting, Youth Empowerment and Creative Education.


The Foundation’s goal is to increase society’s awareness about the challenges being faced by parents, youth, young adults and educators; to encourage an open dialogue about these topics; and to promote collaborative efforts resulting in creative solutions.


The Angel Heart Fund, a privately funded foundation, began operations in 2005 with a stated mission of advocating for the rights of children.  In 2010, the founder expanded the mission of the fund to focus attention on broader-scale issues, and the Angel Heart Foundation was established as a public charity.


The Foundation is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating under the laws of the State of California. Its Tax Identification Number is 26-3671857.
The Angel Heart Foundation was founded by Marion Witte, who serves as the principal operating officer.  The Foundation is supported by individuals from a variety of backgrounds, professions and interests, all of whom are committed to the mission and goals of the Foundation.  Their biographical information can be found on the The Team page.

Contact Information

You can contact the Foundation by using the web submission form.