You Can Change Someone's Life


Become an Ordinary Hero

Never believe that a few caring people cannot change the world.

For indeed, that’s all who ever have.

– Margaret Mead

Get Informed

Become informed and aware of the issues parents are dealing with today.  Visit Next Generation Parenting website.
Read about the challenges our children, teens and young adults are facing.  Visit Brave New Leaders website.
Look into some of the great Resources and that are available on-line to parents and young people.

Get Involved

Get to know your neighbors.
Help a family who is under extreme stress or in crisis.
Reach out to the children in your community, and learn how to recognize and report abuse and neglect.
Find ways to support a family in your neighborhood or community who could benefit from a little assistance.
Keep your neighborhood safe.

Get Inspired

Become an advocate for all children.
Open a dialogue in your home, your school, your place or worship or your workplace about the importance of positive, healthy parenting.
Make children a major priority in your life and  in our world.

Find Your Own Unique Way to Become an Ordinary Hero,

and Change the Life of a Parent, a Child or a Family

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