Nurturing Our Future Leaders


Brave New Leaders

Empowering Young Adults to Create Positive Change in the World

The Foundation’s belief is that the most effective method of creating positive, long-term change in the world will come through supporting our youth, our teens, and our young adults, and giving them every opportunity we can for success.  It will be our youth who will be raising their voices and demanding that their rights be acknowledged and implemented. The support of well-intentioned adults will be critical in that effort. Now is the time to empower our children with the knowledge and the tools they need to create the safe and just world that is their birthright. Given the proper support, they can and will change the culture in which we live.
Brave New Leaders is a collaborative effort on the part of like-minded individuals who desire to create a more peaceful, a more kind and a more compassionate world through a focused attention on supporting our future leaders and the next generation of parents. The Brave New Leaders website is a project of The Angel Heart Foundation, and it was created to empower and encourage teens and young adults to create positive, long-term change in the world.
During these dynamically changing times, parents and educators will require fresh, creative ways to prepare our youth to meet the demands of this ever-changing world. These efforts include an awareness of the need for parenting assistance, a focus on teaching parenting skills, new approaches in our educational system, supporting the goals of the next generation of parents, and nurturing the leadership qualities in our teens and youth.
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