Healing the World as We Heal Ourselves


Healthy Adults and Healthy Parents

Encouraging a Healing Process that Leads to Healthy Parenting

  • Understanding that past experiences impact our current behavior
  • Acknowledgment of our own personal wounding
  • Desire to let go of destructive patterns of behavior
  • Willingness to do the work necessary to heal
The Angel Heart Foundation promotes the personal healing of our childhood wounds as one of the primary steps in the development of healthy parenting skills and the prevention of future childhood mistreatment, as much of the antisocial behavior exhibited by adults has its basis in negative childhood experiences.  Our belief is that many of the dysfunctional behaviors in families can be prevented, or greatly reduced, through the implementation of a program of individual personal healing before future parenting is undertaken.
As an individual recovers from their past, others will be positively impacted. A healthy adult is able to develop positive parenting skills that will dramatically effect the lives of their children, and the children of future generations.  A program of this nature can change the world, one person and one generation at at time.

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