Supporting Creative, Positive Parenting


Next Generation Parenting

Advocating for a Consciousness-Based Approach to Parenting

The mission of the Angel Heart Foundation is to promote a healthy environment in the lives of all children, where they can develop and thrive, with an emphasis on proper nurturing, support and education.
As a society, we need to acknowledge that parenting is a difficult job, and that appropriate assistance is needed for that effort to be successful. Parenting skills can be enhanced through learning about such issues as conflict resolution, coping with the stress involved in raising a child and the various nurturing techniques and other basic parenting skills. There is no better way to raise healthy children than through healthy parenting.
Next Generation Parenting is a collaborative effort on the part of like-minded individuals who desire to create a more peaceful, a more kind, and a more compassionate world through a focused attention on parenting and education. During these dynamically changing times, parents and educators will require fresh, creative ways to prepare our youth to meet the demands of this ever-changing world. These efforts include an awareness of the need for parenting assistance, a focus on teaching parenting skills, new approaches in our educational system, supporting the goals of the next generation of parents, and nurturing the leadership qualities in our teens and youth.
You can visit our website at Next Generation Parenting to find out more about these issues and to Take the Pledge.

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