What We Believe In


Our Philosophy

The Foundation Guiding Principles

The Angel Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization guided by the philosophy that all children deserve a safe and just world.  The mission of the Foundation is to promote a healthy environment in the lives of all children, where they can develop and thrive, with an emphasis on proper nurturing, support and education.
In connection with its mission, the Foundation supports projects which encourage positive parenting and creative education, and those which give youth the opportunity to express their views and have those ideas be heard.
A separate focus of the Foundation is the prevention of childhood mistreatment, through the promotion of awareness, education and healing as the steps needed to prevent such future cruelty.
The Foundation’s belief is that the most viable approach to creating positive, long-term change in the world will come through encouraging and empowering our children, and giving them the opportunities they need to create the type of lives they deserve.