Educating for a Global Environment


The Education Revolution

Promoting Creative Educational Methods and Strategies

The Foundation supports innovative educational methods that provide the tools for students to develop analytical skills and creative ingenuity, so that future generations are prepared to meet the challenges of an interconnected global society.
During this second decade of the 21st century, we are laying the foundation for the remainder of the century, when we will complete the transition from an industrial/mechanical age to a technological/conceptual age. This will require the implementation of new methods of teaching that include an increased emphasis on visual orientation and more entertaining methods of getting information across effectively to our students.
As part of our mission of empowering youth, teens and young adults, we encourage the pursuit of creative educational strategies that encourage adaptability, enhance creativity, and strengthen critical thinking skills. Students must be able to take in a vast amount of information and process it in an innovative and productive way.
Programs need to be developed and put in place that encourage adaptability, confidence, and teach the improvisational skills that will be vital to compete in the new global economy.  Our educational process will need to be modified to encourage this type of learning, so that students use multiple intelligences to fully grasp material, and to have a creative outlet to express their own passions and  ideas.

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