A Message from Marion Witte


A Letter From The Founder

A True-Life Story of Overcoming Abuse and Healing the Spirit

I was one of those children that we often mistreat.  I consider myself lucky, because although the odds were totally stacked against me, I escaped many of the afflictions that befall abused children. I did not wind up in a mental institution. I never spent any time in prison. I did not turn into a child abuser. I freely admit that I struggled with addictive behavior and major psychological issues as a direct result of my childhood experiences.  And I spent a lot of time, energy and financial resources on my recovery.
As I began to relay my experiences in my memoir, I started to wonder if the lives of children were intended to involve this level of struggle.  When I decided the answer to that question was “no,” I gradually came to accept the responsibility I had to share my experiences with others in the spirit of education and in the hope for change.
It took me a long time to write my autobiography, Little Madhouse on the Prairie, primarily because I was waiting for an answer to my question, “Do I have the right to publish this material?” Then one day, in a moment of absolute clarity, my concerns ended. I realized that if I could participate in saving one child’s life, then I did not have the right to stay silent.  At that moment, the book and my story became both my gift and my obligation.
And at the same time, I made a promise to myself that I would do what I could to make the world a better place for all children. I created the Angel Heart Foundation and am devoting my life to raising our consciousness about the critical important of positive parenting, not only to a child, but to the future of this planet.
Will you join me?
Marion Witte, Founder
Ms. Witte’s biographical information can be found on her website – marionwitte.com
Visit the book website at littlemadhouseontheprairie.com for complete information.